UZH-Consults is UZH Career Services project* in collaboration with Deloitte.




A group of UZH students from different disciplines (e.g. business, medicine, social sciences, life sciences etc.) will work together for one week on a consulting project.

During this week you can slip into the roles of consultants and gain your first work experience in the consulting industry.


The task

For every initial marketing authorisation application, variation and licence renewal with the European Medicinal Agency (EMA), pharmaceutical companies need to submit an application form. The application form includes information about the Medicinal Product, how it is composed and which establishments are involved in manufacturing it.

Currently, the submission process of these application forms are managed manually and involve a lot of manual work from the regulatory functions. In our project we want to automate the data collection, validation and submission process of the application form to increase regulatory efficiencies as well as data quality. 

Your group will

  • Develop a high-level business case for automating the submission of the application forms
  • Develop a high-level project plan for this initiative, including milestones and key success criteria
  • Develop a high-level solution design including system, process, people (human centred design) and data capabilities
  • Define what kind of key challenges you anticipate and how would you solve these

The final product will be a presentation, held in front of Deloitte consultants.

A Deloitte consultant will be available to answer your questions at defined time slots during the entire duration of the project.


Dates: April 23. - April 29. (excluding Saturday and Sunday) 

Location: Deloitte's Zurich offices, General-Guisan-Quai 38, 8022 Zürich

Deloitte will offer you lunch during your working sessions.


Application process

Please send your CV and your short motivation letter to Ladina Härtli, UZH Career Services (

Deadline is April 4. and successful candidates will be invited by April 9.


*this project is a pilot.