Link Collection

1) Job Websites and Traineeships

Job portals for students operated by universities

You will find vacancies at universities themselves at the end of this section.

University of Zurich:
University of Basel:
University of Bern:

Jobs in start-ups

Internships abroad

The UZH International Relations Office has a list of internships abroad


Traineeships and entry programs

Subject-specific platforms

Arts, Museums, Literature:

Audio/HiFi professions:


Big Data:

Chemistry professions:
Engineering, Software, Science and Technology:
Gastronomy, Tourism:,,
Jobs in the, 
Graphic Design, Multimedia:,
Internet and IT:,  www.webentwickler.dehttps://swissdevjobs.ch
Food sector:
Life Sciences:,, 
Media & Communications: www.medienjobs.chFV
Medicine, see Healthcare:
Sustainability: (only Germany)
Photovoltaics: (only Germany) (only Germany) (only Germany),
Politology: Stellenplattform des Fachvereins Polito
Psychology (traineeships):
FVJus Studentcareer
Schools and Education:

Social Services:,,,,,
Government jobs:
Jobs in the public sector:
Technical jobs:
Veterinary Medicine: (Weiterbildung)


Academic job websites (Business Schools)

General job websites and search engine

Online job websites run by newspapers


Vacant positions at universities

University of Zurich:
ETH Zurich:
University of Basel:
University of Bern:
University of St. Gallen:
University of
Università della Svizzera
University of Lucerne:

University of Fribourg:
University of Geneva:
University of Neuchâtel: 

Vacancies at universities of applied sciences

Bern University of Applied Sciences
FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich HWZ
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU
Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences
Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich)
Zurich University of the Arts ZhdK
Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW

Vacant positions at universities in Germany

4) Professional Analyses and Career Counseling

City of Zurich Career Counseling Center
Career counseling from the Canton of Zurich
Career counseling and useful resources

Life design concepts, educational and career counseling, coaching

Analyses, assessments, coaching, mentoring and job hunting

Free of charge online tests
"Which job is right for me?”:

6) PhD Studies

Graduate Campus UZH

UZH for researchers and junior scholars

Subject-specific information on PhD studies

PhD guide issued by UZH

University of Basel career

ETH Zurich’s survival

7) Mentoring

Mentoring for the politicians of
Mentoring for business economists


8) Continuing Education after Studies

9) Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups (see also

For research and technology transfer in UZH partnerships:
For creative support (finding a name, logo, web design, etc.):


11) Employment reference letter, career websites, blogs, samples, templates, other countries

Links and information on job applications and working in a job
Arbeitszeugnis Infos Staufenbiel
Arbeitszeugnis in der Schweiz
Monster Karriere Journal

Monster Leitfaden zur Online Stellensuche (PDF, 462 KB)

Career Plan

University of York - Career Plan

Career websites and blogs
Berufsblog Tages Anzeiger
Karriere Spiegel
Karriere FAZ


Subjects for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses


Budget planning and more

Sample resume/Templates

Resume Maker (Canva)

Resume Lab

Karriere Jet

Vistaresume (With fee)

/ for applications in the US