*** Current information on our consultation services ***

Dear students


We are here for you, still and especially in these difficult times! Visit this page for the newest information about our current services. 


Consultations will continue to be offered through various media. Our career consultants will get in touch with you upon receipt of your registration

For a CV check, you can send your application documents by mail to 


Your UZH Career Services Team

Sandra Läderach, Head of Counseling


CV Checks - per Email only


Currently no Drop In.

Send us your documents by email to, we will give you feedback within a few days. Please note that our expertise refers to German and English applications in Switzerland exclusively. For international applications, we can only provide non-binding feedback, as the requirements differ from country to country.


PS: Please note our terms and conditions for all our services here 


For Students, PhDs, PostDocs of the UZH (until 2 years after graduation)

These services are only available to students of continuing education (CAS, DAS, MAS) after consultation with our counseling team. Capacity may be limited due to high demand.

Are you about to finish your studies and need help with your application? Or would you like to find out early about opportunities within different fields of profession?
Our goal is to help you become more aware of your abilities and interests and to enable you to successfully transition into the world of work. We pursue this task with passion and commitment!
Whether for a CV or motivation letter check in our drop-in, an mock interview training or a 60 minute personal consultation with a career couselor: we look forward to seeing you!
Take a moment to consider the following points before you visit us:

What is a consultation with a career counselor for?

• For assistance with the question "What should I do after graduation?"
• To search for possible occupational fields, positions and employers
• To identify your own interests and abilities
• To develop a versatile application strategy

• For a detailed review of your application dossier
• To review the procedure for previously unsuccessful applications
• To overcome difficulties in taking the next step

• Sign up early for a consultation, even if your concern is not yet "urgent". This way you can avoid unpleasant emergency situations shortly before you graduate!

What a consultation does not offer

• Normally no CV checks in the consultation. Please visit our drop-in on Tuesdays between 11h-13h (see below) or our Application Garage. Exception: detailed review of your dossier if you are about to start the application process.
• No student advice. The student advisory service is available at the Student Advisory Services
• For questions of further education, please consult the overview page


Think about which concerns you would like to discuss in a 60 minute consultation. Maybe you have a lot of questions that you want to clarify as quickly as possible. Set priorities and think about what you need right now to take the next steps.


In order to benefit as much as possible from a consultation, it makes sense to do some self-exploration before. Our consultants assume that you have consulted our Career Planning Guid, read our worksheet Preparation for consultation (PDF, 427 KB) and noted down your thoughts (PPTX, 34 KB) before the consultation. On our website you will find many tips, job offers and links that can help you.


For a 60 minute free consultation you can register and make an appointment. Please read the terms of participation before registering.

Register for a free consultation


• CV-Check
• cover letter check
• reviewing your application dossier
• clarifying short questions


To make your visit worthwhile, we recommend that you read and implement the information on the design of the application documents in the guide.

For the drop-in (free short consultation of 20 minutes) no registration is required. Come along and bring your Legi and your application documents with you. At the moment, the Drop-in does not take place because of COVID-19. Send us your documents to 


For whom is the Application Garage suitable?

For students, doctoral students and post-docs of the UZH, who

  •     wish a follow-up after the drop-in visit
  •     would like to get a more in-depth look at their portfolio
  •     have no quiet workplace at home
  •     do not have the required office infrastructure (printer, computer)
  •     like society when working on their application portfolio - because a trouble shared is a trouble halved

At the moment, the Application Garage does not take place because of COVID-19.


Last but not least

Arrive on time - you allow us a smooth organisation and your fellow students a fair chance for a free slot in the drop-in or in a consultation.

Please note that we are a small team. We try everything to make even short-term requests possible, but ask for your understanding, if we do not succeed.

And if you have any further questions, come back or visit one of our workshops or events!