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Career Empowerment Program CEP

Welcome to the Career Empowerment Program CEP

Welcome to the Career Empowerment Program CEP

We are happy to welcome you to the Career Empowerment Program CEP!

The program is designed to support you in these times so that you are prepared for your job search in the coming months.

The program includes the following phases

Phase date tasks sent

(D) = German
(E) = English

1. Organization, planning and first documents 09.01.

11.01. CV & Motivationsschreiben (D)

2. Skills, interests and values 16.01.

18.01. How to find a job in 30 minutes (E)

3. Digital profiles on LinkedIn, Xing and uzhcareer.ch 23.01.

Linkedin tba

4. Employer Research and application phase 30.01.

02.02. Arbeitsmartkrecherche (D)

22.02. Dos & Don'ts in Jobinterview (D)

Each phase should lead to a meaningful goal in about 30-90 minutes. Those who have more time may of course also invest more - it's your engagement that leads to success. We will suggest appropriate ideas to you. Since we are designing this program from scratch, we would be grateful if you could give us feedback on the scope and difficulty of our assignments. Thanks a lot!

Please be aware, that our program is adjusted to the Swiss labor market. If you plan to apply abroad, you have to learn more about the habits in the respective countries.

But now we start with the first task

Task 1: Get organized!