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Career Services at the University of Zurich

In Your Profession

Keep Up Your Professional Development

Your job search was successful and you are now about to switch from being a student to a working professional. Is this the time to settle back and rest on your laurels? Not at all! Starting work is often a challenge in itself and the daily routine a rather sobering experience for many graduates. But don’t get discouraged - be pro-active in tackling the challenges that professional work presents.

You will also realize that your degree program did not teach you everything. In recent years, the term ‘lifelong learning’ has become something of a buzzword: With today’s society in a state of constant fluctuation, you too will need to undergo continual professional development in order to be successful - either through courses of continuing education, or through learning on the job.

On the following pages we have put together some advice on how to successfully start your professional life, how to overcome potential obstacles, and how to develop your profile.


Continuing Education after Studies

Working Abroad