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Equal Pay Day

What Does Equal Pay Day Signify? 

EPD is an international day of action to remind us of the Gender Pay Gap. The campaign day expresses the pay gap between women and men in terms of working hours. The EPD symbol is a red bag which represents the minus in the wage packet.  

Equal Pay Day in Switzerland

In Switzerland, EPD marks the day in the year when women have the same pay in their pocket as men in a similar position and function had on the previous 31 December.

Equal Pay Day at the University of Zurich

On EPD, active students at UZH work with the Office for Gender Equality on the campus of the University of Zurich to raise awareness on the causes of the pay gap.

Career Services UZH thank the students for their involvement, and also their colleagues in the UZH Gender Equality and Diversity for their work on EPD at the University of Zurich.

Anyone wishing to participate in EPD at UZH is invited to contact the Gender Equality Commission of the University of Zurich at

Why Does This Affect Me? 

The pay gap is at its largest amongst academics. This means that it is not the lower qualified women but the best educated who are affected. The pay gap between men and women rises in line with requirements and career levels. Women with high qualifications and a lower leading position earn on average over 20% less than their male colleagues. For women in high leading positions, the pay difference goes up to as much as 30%.

More information is available from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office: Gender-based pay gap

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