Thinking of Studying Abroad?

Table of contents

A study semester abroad is a unique opportunity to develop yourself as a person and to enjoy important experiences such as learning a new language, applying your specialized knowledge in an inter-cultural context, and making new contacts at the same time. But above and beyond new language skills and broader expertise, a student exchange expands your horizon and often gives you the inspiration and motivation to tackle the next stage of your studies.

Schedule the international semester into your studies in plenty of time, preferably after having already completed a few semesters, as you then have an overview of your field of study and know how you can best benefit from courses at a foreign university. It is worth starting early with organizing the trip since although universities form part of an international network, there is still a lot to organize:

• Which forms need to be completed and submitted?
• Do I need a residence permit or visa?
• What is the situation with costs and grants?
• Which academic achievements will count?
• Where can I find suitable accommodation?
• What happens with my shared apartment here?
• Wat is the situation with AHV and health insurance?


The International Relations Office of the University of Zurich (UZH Mobility Office) is happy to help with the organization and will advise on the questions above