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Contract Negotiation

Success! You’ve got the job! The next step now is to negotiate a fair employment contract.

Many graduates are so happy to be offered the job that they sign the employment contract without reading it through first. Others don’t dare to address critical points or inconsistencies lest they receive a last-minute rejection or make themselves unpopular before they have even started. Both cases however can work against your interests.

Check the job offer carefully. Bear in mind that the detailed terms of the contract are usually only negotiated after the selection process has been completed. As the candidate selected, you have the upper hand and, when fully aware of your market conditions, you can use this to your advantage.

The general guidelines are: Do not sign the contract too hastily. After carefully reading everything through (employment contract and any additional documents) allow a day to pass before signing. Discuss the contract with friends or good acquaintances who can offer expertise in this field or, if necessary, with a professional. Do no sign any wording that is unclear and discuss any terms that deviate from what was verbally agreed.

The following pages will tell you more about what to bear in mind when negotiating contracts:


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Contract Negotiation

Do not sign the employment contract too hastily.

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