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Career Services at the University of Zurich


You have been invited to an interview? Congratulations! You are already one step closer to your dream job.

If you are offered the chance to present yourself to a company, this means that you have been classified as a suitably qualified candidate for the job. During the interview and other selection procedures, assessments will be made to see if you are the right person for the position and the organization, and if you truly correspond to the picture given in your application documents.

Due to the importance given to this phase of the application process, candidates often forget that this is also the time for them to find out more about the company. Make sure that the selection takes place on both sides.

Particularly in mid-sized and larger companies, the selection process will include not only the traditional interview but also other procedures, such as tests at an Assessment Center as well as telephone and video interviews. On the following pages you will learn what you need to be particularly aware of during the selection phase:

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Thank You E-Mail

Thank You E-Mail

An often underestimated means of saying thank you for the interview and reconfirming your best side.