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Digital Identity

Digital Identity on Social Networks

Social networks such as LinkedIn and Xing allow you to develop a personal digital identity as well as a social network in a professional context. While primarily serving the purpose of ‘self-branding’, this professional online identity is also increasingly useful for job hunting. In turn, the platforms enable recruiters to find potential candidates.

When creating a profile, it is of key importance to ensure that it provides a competent and authentic impression.


First impression

The photo should be professional and the title informative. These aspects have a significant impact on the first impression you make in a social network.


Academic qualifications and professional expertise

Emphasize relevant experience and provide an overview of your professional expertise and interests too, if you wish. You can also take the opportunity to advertise yourself but always remain authentic and truthful.


Skills and competencies

These should be as specific as possible. Use informative keywords, as this is what recruiters look out for when hunting for suitable candidates. LinkedIn allows your contacts to confirm your skills, which raises the credibility of your profile.



This is where you can present your work experience in a creative way by including media or work samples (e.g. a video on YouTube or a published paper).



You have the chance to network with a wide variety of people - from fellow students, to co-workers, to your boss. In doing so, it is important to maintain a professional approach and to keep in regular contact. Ultimately, productive networking is a result of give and take.




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