Do you find yourself asking questions like “Which career options do I have after graduation?”, “How can I find out which field of activity suits me best?”, or “What am I best suited to?”?

Any serious job hunt and career plan starts with self-reflection:

  • “What am I particularly good at?”
  • “When do I feel really motivated by something?”
  • “What arouses my interest?”.

A comprehensive analysis helps you to achieve clarity on your skills, interests, and motivation and to identify potential fields of activity that will facilitate your entry into your profession.

Begin by exploring your career resources, find out what you like doing, what drives you, and what you do well.

Follow this up by researching and evaluating relevant fields of activity and employers. The aim is to find the job in which you can best apply your resources and where you are motivated to work.

Our guide is designed to help you in this process.