Who Am I? What Can I Do?

When choosing a career, the process starts with an examination of your personal qualities, strengths, and skills. By looking at specific experiences in your life history, you can find out what you are good at and what you like doing - on a subject-specific (academic), cross-disciplinary or personal level. We call the sum of all your professional knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences your career resources. Once you are aware of your range of career resources, you will be able to plan your professional career in a reflected and responsible way and on a results-oriented basis.

We can help you recognize and develop your career resources and show you how you can use these resources in planning your career. 

Identifying Your Career Resources

First ensure that your resume is fully updated, and gather together your academic certificates, reference letters, confirmations of continuing education, and foreign language certificates. This will give you an initial overview of your professional skills and expertise.

Next, put all the following information onto one page:

  • Education and expertise: Study program, projects, research projects, degrees, continuing education, initial training and education, etc.
  • Professional experience: Traineeships, student jobs, holiday jobs, voluntary activities, other forms of employment, etc.
  • Non-professional experience: Stays abroad, private tuition, active club membership, hobbies, use of languages, and IT skills

Next to each activity and experience, list what exactly you did: What was your specific contribution? Where did difficulties arise? How did you overcome them? Where did you experience success? What did you learn? Consider too what you liked doing and what you would like to continue doing.

Now you can start to identify your career resources.

Having Identified Your Resources

  • You can see the areas in which your skills are particularly suitable
  • You will succeed in communicating these skills in a convincing and plausible way
  • You will be quick to realize your potential in your new activity

Our career resources model consciously focuses on the academic achievements earned from a university education. It covers the following resources, which you can now explore in depth: