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Career Services at the University of Zurich


List of Enclosures

For manageability, create a list of your enclosures and assemble the copies in reverse chronological order. Use the same order as in your resume.

School and University Certificates

Copies of school-leaving certificate (not obligatory), licentiate degree certificate, final degree certificate, BA or MA certificate

Employment Reference Letters

Copies of all relevant employment reference letters. For further information on employment reference letters, see the checklist in the teaser and:

UZH Human Resources: Employment Reference Letter

LawMedia AG (German language publishers in law, taxes and economics)

Staufenbiel: Employment Reference Letter

Certificates of Continuing Education, Courses, etc.


As a rule, references are not included but submitted later on request. You can (optionally) add a note to your resume: “References will be made available on request”.
In any case:

  • Your references should be people who can assess you and your work, such as former superiors or professors.
  • Only name people who will give you a “positive” reference.
  • Ask for permission beforehand and inform them of the job in question. Make clear what you are looking for and what points you think should be emphasized in the reference.
  • The reference sheet should state the names of your (generally two) referees (name, title, organization, work address, telephone and e-mail) as well as your own contact information.
  • Format the reference sheet in the same way as the application portfolio.

Salary Requirements

Should you be asked to give your salary expectations, take the time to research the customary pay scales in that sector or company. Information is also available on the Internet. Find links to salary calculators here.

Weiterführende Informationen

Employment Reference Letters

For valuable information on employment reference letters (in German):