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Application Portfolio

Sending off a job application is like launching an advertising campaign for yourself. After attracting the attention of the recipient, the content and form of your application portfolio will be the deciding factors in whether or not you are invited to an interview. Besides arousing the reader’s interest, the portfolio should be complete and up-to-date, and attractive and faultless in presentation.

Please be aware, that the following information is dedicated to applications in Switzerland. For applications in other countries we strongly recommend to do some research.

An application portfolio is made up of the papers referred to in the job ad and generally comprises the following documents:


  • There is no excuse for errors! Have your application portfolio proofread.
  • Give your application portfolio a standardized design: Same font for cover letter and CV, same margins, same letterhead, same paper quality.
  • The documents are individual, but should still conform to certain formal standards.
  • Read and analyze the ad carefully as it contains important information about the company and the vacant position.
  • Find out more about the company in order to better adapt the letter and CV to the described profile.
  • Submit your application through the channel stated by the company (by post, e-mail or online).
  • Keep the job ad and a copy of your application for the event of an interview.

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