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Career Services at the University of Zurich

Applications in English

There is a difference between submitting an application in Switzerland required in English, and an application to an English-speaking country.

In the first case, the German language application can simply be translated. In the second case, there are specific rules:

The portfolio also consists of a cover letter and a CV/resume. The term ‘CV’ is used in the UK and Australia; ‘resume’ is used in the USA and Canada as, in these countries, ‘CV’ is used only for an academic career. References and recommendations are not however submitted at the first stage.

In the case of American resumes, please note the following:

  • Do not include a photo (unless this is explicitly requested)
  • Date of birth, nationality, gender and marital status are not stated
  • Maximum one page
  • Focus on personal details, education, experience, skills, awards, and interests

In the case of international applications, be aware that each country has its own conventions. In order to standardize resumes within Europe, the EU has developed a Europass resume, available online in 26 languages.

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Good to Know

In the USA, a difference is made between a CV (application for academic jobs) and a resume (application for non-academic jobs).

Small Hints

It’s Ms, not Miss or Mrs
and first language, not mother tongue

UZH Terminology Translation

The UZH terminology database provides definitions and translations of university-related terms.

Feedback on international applications

Please note that our expertise refers to German and English applications in Switzerland exclusively. For international applications, we can only provide non-binding feedback, as the requirements differ from country to country.