Most job ads are advertised online which enables you to adapt quickly and flexibly to the state of the job market. It is therefore advisable to sign up to those websites that cater for your professional profile and to regularly check the latest job ads. Often fast action is called for as certain ads are deleted from the sites as soon as enough interesting applicants have responded. 

Job Ads on Company Websites

Large companies and authorities like to advertise on their own website in order to ensure that applicants are really interested in their company or institution. Also, if advertised at all, most internships and trainee programs are only published on the company's own website.

Job Platforms

There are now a vast number of job platforms and search engines on the Internet, both general and sector-specific , on which you can often set up a personal search profile.

If requested, general job search engines will send updates of vacant positions and, depending on their set-up, trawl through job ads on job platforms, Swiss job markets, and company websites. With certain search engines, you can create a profile with your search criteria, enabling you to receive interesting job ads by email on a regular basis. There is a range of job search engines, either free of charge or fee-based. Search through the various options on the Internet and select those that best correspond to your profile.