Job Hunting

After a thorough analysis, you have established your professional profile and you know where you are heading. But how do you find your dream job? Looking for a job is usually a laborious process but the chances of finding something are good. Because:

No Lack of Jobs!

Every month, 30,000 positions are filled in Switzerland.
On 09.07.2018 , published more than 150'000 vacant positions.

More Than One Way to Find a Job

Some application methods are more traditional (jobs advertised on the Internet and in newspapers, at career events, job agencies). In these cases, you are likely to be competing with several other applicants. There are, however, creative ways of opening up new channels and contacts, and expanding your own profile at the same time. Some graduates manage to build a connection to a potential employer by visiting companies, identifying with a certain product, or through voluntary work. this is generally a time-consuming process that requires persistence and creativity. You will often need to step out of your comfort zone and actively approach a potential employer yourself. However, this method can bring substantial rewards as it enables you to stand out from the mass of other candidates. 

As a rule, it is worth following several paths at the same time and being courageous. Many jobs are not publicly advertised and it is only through creative searching and networking that you will gain access to the hidden labor market. 

Time (and Luck) Required

Planning your career and finding a job requires a good deal of energy and time. Plus, most jobs cannot be started immediately. Often, possibilities arise purely by chance - which means that you have to be ready. 

About half a year before graduating begin to:

  • Check a few relevant job websites once a week (either to gain an idea of the professional options open to you or to actually apply for a specific position).
  • Keep a regular look out for possible employers and interesting fields of activity.
  • Make frequent visits to websites of companies that interest you.
  • Keep an archive with articles, information on interesting companies, activities, etc.