Companies and Products

Are there any companies whose leadership strategy or mission statement particularly resonate with you? Or certain products that you use on a daily basis which fascinate you to the extent that you would like to be involved in their development? If this is the case, then how about making contact with this company to try to get your foot inside the door?

For this to work, you will need to be creative, patient, and persistent as you may not receive an answer from your first attempt and will have to re-try. This may well prove to be the case as a certain amount of perseverance can also demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.

Use the company website as a source of inspiration: The mission statement in particular is a good place to find indications of the firm’s corporate values and attitudes. Think too about any contacts that may be of help, such as friends, alumni, relatives, or neighbors; or maybe you were at a career event where you happened to pick up some business cards. If you do not succeed in making contact, you also have the option of an unsolicited application or an informational interview .

You will be surprised at how many employers will be delighted by your particular interest in their organization and will invite you to an informal visit or discussion.